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My name is Ryan Eure. I am a precious metal jewelry artist.  In my wire weaving line I use only the finest (.935) Argentium silver, 14 karat yellow gold filled, and solid gold wires to weave and wrap wearable works of art. In my fabricated jewelry line I use only the best sterling silver, 10, 14, 18 K solid gold, and platinum metals. Never plated or replicated. Solid gold is the highest in quality and purity. Gold filled is less expensive, but still a valuable alternative to solid gold.  Gold filled is higher quality than gold plated.  Gold plated wears off, gold filled does not. I use only natural cut and uncut gemstones.  
     I have been creating art my whole life and started off as a ceramics artist. I have won awards as a high school student in the medium of ceramics and continued my education studying sculpture at Appalachian State University. I later traveled to Gunnison, Colorado where I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Western State Colorado University. I have my bachelors of fine arts in studio ceramics. My Art degree led me into pursuing a career in jewelry design.  I have my certificate in CAD/CAM jewelry design as well as professional jewelry 3-D printing Applications. I studied stone setting at Blaine Lewis New Approach School for Jewelers in Nashville, TN and completed a year long internship at The Precious Gem in Williamsburg, VA. I also have a significant and substantial working knowledge in diamonds, colored gemstones and minerals. As I graduated from college and moved back home to Virginia I started taking the jewelry side of things more seriously. I now create jewelry daily, and it is my full time job and career. I make jewelry for the love, the need, and the passion for creating something beautiful for each and every one of my clients. 
In September 2021, I opened Ryan Eure Designs jewelry gallery in the heart of historic Williamsburg, Virginia. Our storefront is located at 443 Prince George Street Williamsburg, VA. I spent the next year and a half growing my fine jewelry collection, working on numerous custom design pieces with clients and expanding my family. Then, in November 2022, we opened The Downtown Gallery in the basement below us which features more of my jewelry as well as work from local artists. Our goal for this space is to offer an eclectic fine art gallery for the community to enjoy. The Downtown Gallery by Ryan Eure Designs exhibits an array art including but not limited to fine jewelry, oil paintings, equestrian bronze statues, carved wood sculptures, photography, and mixed media. 
     I carry a diverse collection of jewelry.  My designs are inspired by mixing aspects of native cultures and ancient civilizations, while also hinting post modern and art-deco qualities. I also strive to maintain classic and timeless jewelry designs. I believe its visually pleasing to mix the old with the new. I carry a full line from bracelets, rings, and pendants to earrings, broaches and chains. Some pieces include gems and minerals, while other pieces are simply made from the beauty of the metal. I believe each piece is meant for an individual wearer. Using birthstones and custom gems have been a part of that process of finding the perfect piece for that certain person. I welcome custom design and gemstone orders to not only accompany size and perfect fit, but to also make a piece that is more personal. Wearing stones that are personal to an individual makes for a more intimate experience with the piece that they are wearing.  My goal is to create unique jewelry that humbly catches eyes, and sparks subtle conversation. My hope is to give you a truly energetic and fulfilling experience as you wear a piece of my jewelry.


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