One on One Custom Jewelry Service

Let me personally design a piece of jewelry with you using existing gemstones or gemstones of your choice.

In a world of modern technology there are many new and amazing ways to create jewelry. I strive to be at the spearhead of the most advanced jewelry making possibilities. I am certified in CAD Jewelry design and 3-D modeling, printing and stone setting. Whether in person, or communicating through e-mail, I can bring an idea into fruition just for you. Here, anything is possible. Let's create something truly amazing together!

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Call or Text: 757-876-2756

With my Custom one on one service you will receive:
  • One on one consultation, education, and recommendations for creating the best piece of jewelry to suit your needs.
  • A budget based design process to ensure you get the most out of your money at your personal price budget.
  • Two free model adjustments once your 3-D model is created to make sure it is exactly what you want.
  • Real life 3-D rendering of your piece so that you can see a picture of it before it is even made!
  • Optional 3-D printed model example so that you can try on your piece before we cast with expensive metals.
  • Your personal choice of gemstones, or the ability to reuse stones from old jewelry, air-looms, or broken jewelry. 
  • Finishing and stone setting services.  


    All of my existing jewelry designs can be made to order with any gemstone and to any size. With limitless possibilities available, why not customize one of my pieces to suit your desires? Jewelry is personal and has sentimental value, so by customizing an existing design you will be guaranteed that you truly own something that is one of a kind.